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  • Make your team more efficient with Mobile RFID Tag Scanning. Track virtually anything anywhere and drop inventory times from months to weeks, weeks to days and days to hours.
  • Coupling the efficiencies of RFID with the new affordability of implementing RFID presents you with a great opportunity to reduce labour costs giving you a great ROI. Plus, you’ll free your team from climbing ladders, moving pallets and pulling the trigger thousands of times on barcode scanners.



  • Manage your inventory by tracking how much of any given item there is in a given location. You can also perform inventory counts by scanning codes like part numbers. After scanning or entering a part number, the application can show the part name, location, quantity on hand, and a description of the item. Useful for retail or warehouse related positions.

RFID Asset Quick Scan

  • This app allows you to experience the power of RFID scanning using the power of a typical scenario – Scanning Assets.
  • This app demonstrates the ease of use and scanning power of a mobile RFID reader. Choose a location, then simply pull the RFID trigger to start scanning items.
  • As the items are read, they will be entered into a grid for review. Scan thousands of assets within seconds. No more searching behind, below or above an asset to locate a barcode. Using RFID, you can scan items quickly and line of sight of the tag (or even the asset) is not required.
  • Using this app, you can quickly and easily capture any number of RFID tags – from dozens to thousands. This app will show you how simple it is to “paint the room” and find all of your assets in a matter of seconds in most cases.
  • Like all sample apps, this app can be used as-is or as the perfect starting point for your fully customized RFID application.

Custom Solution

Customs Solutions are a type of service by which you are assisted by a WERTECH software specialist in creating a software specification, configuring an application as per your specification, and being trained in the use of that application. The duration of this process is generally up to two weeks, quite a quick turnaround for what is usually first-time app creation.

Our job consists in providing consultancy and project following the customer in the transformation.
We propose solutions that can be integrated with existing ones without stopping production.